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Referral Company Information

ServiceOne RefAssoc

Service One Referral Associates, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Burlington Camden County Association of REALTORS® offers agents, who no longer wish to work full-time in real estate, but wish to earn commissions, the opportunity to do so. Agents may change their license from Salesperson to Referral, and place their license with Service One Referral Associates. This enables agents to utilize their license and earn commissions by simply placing referrals through Service One Referral Associates.

The fees are as follows:

Service One Referral Associates Annual Fee: $100

Initial Licensee Fee: $160

Reinstatement Fee: $150

License Renewal Fee: $100

License Transfer Fee (if applicable): $25

License Type Change Fee (if applicable): $50

What is my role as a Referral Agent and what guidelines will I need to follow?

pdf NJ Real Estate Commission Referral Agent Guidelines (86 KB) pdf (86 KB)

Is New Jersey Continuing Education (CE) required as a Referral Agent?

No. But, if you believe that you will eventually be changing your status back to a Saleseperson or Broker Licensee, you WILL want to keep up with CE.

Can I keep my license in a Referral status indefinitely?

Yes. A referral licensee CAN remain in referral indefinitely. You would go through the renewal process every two years, but not be responsible for any CE.

NOTE: The less than 6 year mark that is indicated on the NJ REC Change License Type Form (below) is a term measure for the licensee's last chance to change their license status BEFORE they would have to take all of the required CE and the exam again.

What CE is required change my status from Referral to Salesperson or Broker Licensee?

  image NJ Real Estate Commission CE Rules for Referral Licencees (165 KB)

Ready to join us as a Referral Agent?

Step 1 - Applications: The process consists of filling out an application for both Service One Referral Associates, LLC and the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. You will need to print out and fill-in the information on both forms. Please click the link below.
pdf Referral Applications for Service One Referral Associates and NJ Real Estate Commission
(2.88 MB)

STEP 2 - Payment: The online account registration is coming soon. Please contact Service One Referral Associates through the Burlington Camden County Association of REALTORS® office at (856) 428-1013 to make your payment. Checks, cash and major credit cards accepted.

Further Information: Below for your information and assistance are the NJ Real Estate Commission's Bulletin No. 13-19 regarding the Printing and Downloading of Real Estate Licenses and Pocket Card Requirement, the Referral Confirmation Agreement and two Microsoft Word formatted, customizable introductory letters to announce your Referral status to family and friends.

pdf NJ Real Estate Commission Bulletin No. 13-19 (477 KB)

pdf (329 KB) pdf Referral Confirmation Form (329 KB)

document Referral Agent Intro Letter (149 KB)

document New Referral Agent Intro Letter (149 KB)

For immediate attention please contact Licensed Real Estate Broker, Diane M. Streichert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (856) 428-1013 ext. 219.

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